Wednesday, 29 October 2008

First signs of winter in Aberdeen

Hi everyone!

We arrived home safely after our fantastic weekend at Aberlour - see below for details.

We thought that the snow in Scotland would be fun but this white stuff is so awful. We were so cold Janis generously gave us a loan of her scarf to keep us warm while we were out side "enjoying" the snowy weather.

Iain says that we can stay inside and watch the Brazilian GP on Sunday as it looks like it will be a close run thing. We hope that LH wins the race and the championship. Lots of Hot Chocolate for us we hope.
Mildred & Patsy.



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Dear Mildred and Patsy
Mummy has been a bit poorly recently and has only just seen the photos of your trip to Abelour wth 'Uncle Iain' and 'Auntie Janis'.What lucky little girls you are to be taken on such a nice outing although I think I will have to have a word with 'Uncle Iain' about letting you have too much to drink.I hope he wasn't tipsy as well,Being Scottish he can take his drink much better.(Although I have seen him when he is a bit worse for wear and he can be quite naughty,so be careful.he might get you into mischief)
When the time comes and you have to go out to Dubai you will find it difficult if you have got used to having a wee dram every day.At the moment the people in Dubai have a bit of a bad impression of English young ladies after a little bit of 'naughtiness' took place on the beach out there.I would like to send out my two well brought up gels to show that not all English girls are randy little chavs.Sorry about the language I hope you are not blushing too much.
I must say you look very warm and snuggly in your mufflers .Not your colour though,clashes with your plumage.I can tell by your body language that you are just putting on brave little faces,but beaks up you might be able to come back to us soon if we can persuade 'Uncle Iain ' and 'Auntie Janis' to let you come.Apart from anything else I am worried about your looks as well as your being lured into a drinking habit.Too much whisky might turn your feathers the same colour as 'Uncle Iain's' funny hat.If you turn that colour you will never be found if you were to wander off into the desert.I'm pretty sure that I can persuade them.I can appeal to their Scottish nature.We are in the middle of a credit crunch and I'm sure they won't want you eating them out of house and home.
I've just had a terrible thought!Be brave little ones! If they start giving you lots to eat, resist.Christmas is coming and if money is short they may be fattening you up as a change from turkey.
Oh my goodness .We must get you away as soon as possible.I will see what I can do.
I am going away for a couple of days tomorrow but as soon as I get back I will see about getting you home.
Lots of love to you both.Give 'Uncle iain' and 'Auntie Janis' a peck on the cheek from me too.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Autumn Weekend in Aberlour

Hello again Angela and Nigel. It has taken us a wee while to get used to staying with the Camerons but we are well settled now. We had a super weekend away recently when we travelled to Aberlour and stayed at the Dowans Hotel. Aberlour is well known for its whisky so we were very keen to try it. Needless to say, we got a little bit tipsy after drinking a few glasses of the stuff. Iain made us both walk all the way back to the hotel just to try and sober us up.

Winter is nearly here in these parts so we have asked Janis if we can get some extra clothing when the snow arrives.

Arriving at Aberlour

We "doo0" look happy

At the Aberlour Distillery
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