Sunday, 28 September 2008

Our Escape from the Hennessy's - September 08

Here we are on our trip to Scotland. We were kept in a very warm dark place for 6 hours before being let out by our captor. We were told the place was Skipton. Thank goodness for some fresh air.

From Hens

From Hens

Somehow we managed to sleep the night at a very posh place called the Devonshire Arms in Yorkshire but it was no-where near Devon. I think our captors were trying to confuse us.

From Hens

Here we are with one of our captors in what we are told will be our new home for some time to come. Don't know where we are!

From Hens

We will keep you up to date with our adventures on a regular basis. keep taking a peek at thes web page for any updates.

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Dear Mildred and Patsy
It is good to see you both looking so well. Now,don't be scared but you are in Scotland!!A lovely couple called Mr.and Mrs Cameron are looking after you for a while. Sometimes Mr Cameron may look a bit scary when he wears that funny hat with red hair but he is quite harmless.

I think it will do you good to be away from Surrey for a little while. It will broaden your horizons before we send you both out to Dubai to meet your new family in the spring next year.It will get a bit colder than you are used to but I am sure Mr Cameron will put on his central heating once it starts to snow. Oh sorry ,you don't know what snow is do you. You'll love it.I look forward to a picture of you playing in it.

Now be good and remember your manners for Mummy and Daddy.

Loving pecks